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Black Bamboo

Black Bamboo

black bamboo supplied by bamboo creations victoria, in stock now to purchase
Phyllostachys Nigra or commonly known as black bamboo is named because of its unique black culms. The culms start green and then turn black with age and exposure to the sun. They have a small leaf and can be cut back to form any size that you need. The more you cut this beautiful bamboo back, the thicker it becomes. It has a culm diameter of about 8cm and can grow to about 6 metres (in the ground).
Black bamboo can be planted in pots or in planter boxes. If planted in a pot or planter, the height of the bamboo will be restricted so it may not get to its full height. However, it will still look great and be able to hide unwanted views. Black bamboo in pots or planters can add that special dash of colour to any courtyard or balcony.  
Black bamboo is a running type of bamboo. This means that runners spread under the ground with culms suddenly appearing away from the original plant. If planted in the ground, you will need a root barrier that is about knee high in the ground. This is to contain the bamboo exactly where you want it and to give you the effect that you are after. 
This plant loves water, mulch and a little fertiliser from time to time.  It prefers a little shade but can be planted in sun. Sometimes the sun will cause the leaves to become brown on the ends. If this occurs then just give it plenty of water. After a little time new foliage will appear.
If you are worried about where to plant this stunning bamboo then give us a call (1300 654 454) as we would love to help you out. We currently stock black bamboo in many different sizes..
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