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Bamboo Bowls Socks

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Bamboo Bowls socks are a great addition to our sporting range of bamboo products and have received great reviews since we launched them.

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All our bamboo socks have received great reviews since we launched them in 2007. Since then we have been steadily adding to the range in terms of colours, styles and even a wider size range. When we discovered that bowlers are obliged to wear uniforms with Bowls Australia logos on them when playing in competitions, we set the wheels in motion to obtain the necessary license. This has since been granted and we now have the socks for you to wear.

Composition of Short and Long Bowls Socks: 64% Bamboo/ 28% Coolplus/ 8% Elastane.

Composition of Health Bowls Socks: 46% Bamboo/ 20% Bamboo Charcoal Fibre/ 28% Cotton/ 6% Elastane.

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Health, Long, Short


M10-14, M4-6 | W6-8, M6-10 | W8-11


Welcome to Bamboo Creations’ new website and Online Shop. Here you’ll find we have several bamboos we can have posted to you by Australia Post.

Do you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful green living plant than an everyday fence?

We also have many bamboo products you can purchase from our Online Shop.

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