Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek


Our story with Bamboo...

Line art of a sunrise over fields
...began many years ago, in 2004, when we travelled through Asia and saw Bamboo being used in the landscape. We walked through beautiful forests with these tall timber giants swaying gently in the breeze like big wind chimes and the leaves rustling in the wind. We stayed in places where it was used as a backdrop or privacy screen or a standalone ornamental. Unfortunately, we lost all the photos we had taken due to losing our camera, which was disappointing.

There was no iCloud or Google drive back then!

When we arrived home...

Market and Expo locations
...we decided to try and grow bamboo. After much study, we found that not all Bamboo could be grown in our cold climate. So we set about trialling which Bamboo we could grow.

Propagating Bamboo from cuttings is very challenging and has mixed results every year. We are probably one of the only nurseries to grow most of our Bamboo in Victoria. Growing Bamboo in our cold climate makes them a lot stronger. 

The Bamboo we can produce is the most beautiful and versatile globally, from the most magnificent screens or hedges to visually attractive elegant coloured ornamentals.

There is a Bamboo suitable for every garden.

So what have we achieved in the last 17 Years?

Hand with a sprout
Many years of experience in how to grow many types of bamboo.

Garry picked up the odd book and read about bamboo, But the best way to learn is to grow it yourself. Our experience and knowledge didn’t come from the internet. Growing bamboo is a passion we both have. And most of all, which is the right bamboo for our customer's gardens.

We have had unsuccessful challenges throughout the years with trial and testing which species will tolerate Melbourne’s Victoria climate. If it does not perform here on our farm, we certainly did not stock challenging species that will not be successful for Melbourne's weather.

We give our customers 150% knowledgeable experience on which bamboo will suit their garden.

Bamboo Creations grew into a family-owned business, and Garry and I have passed our professional service and experience down to our children.

We have met so many lovely clients and built a great relationships with landscapers and property developers around Melbourne, Victoria.

We do not sell more than you need for your area. It is essential that you get the right amount of bamboo for your area. Getting this wrong can lead to problems down the track. Choosing the right Bamboo is very important.

What have we experienced here on our Bamboo farm?

This ia a line drawing of a forest with 3 trees
We have planted over 45 species of bamboo in our paddocks. All are thriving well here in Riddells Creek, and we have propagated most of our stock from the mother stock planted in our paddocks.

We are much cooler here in Riddells Creek than in Melbourne, and we can cop severe frost in some years. However, the bamboo has become more robust, and we get much more decent mother stock culms. They have managed to cope with the frost very well. The downfall is they're taking a little bit longer to establish.

What are we seeing now?

This is a line drawing of a plant
Although we will never see culms as big as Queensland, We are delighted to say that we are starting to get massive culms emerging from our bamboos.

Many of our customers enjoy walking to the bamboo in the paddocks.

Customers find our bamboo farm so lovely and relaxing walking through our bamboo.

You might even see Kangaroos sitting along the creek banks.


Welcome to Bamboo Creations’ new website and Online Shop. Here you’ll find we have several bamboos we can have posted to you by Australia Post.

Do you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful green living plant than an everyday fence?

We also have many bamboo products you can purchase from our Online Shop.

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