Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek

Black Bamboo

Botanical Name: Phyllostachys nigra

Description: Native to some provinces of China, Black Bamboo (Nigra) is a trendy bamboo. We have trialled and tested many black bamboos and have had the most success with Nigra in the Victorian climate. Nigra is a very upright bamboo. New canes start green and then turn black with age and exposure to the sun. However, This can take 2 or 3 seasons to occur. Leaves can brown off at the tips due to under watering, too much hot sun or hot winds. If this happens, then give it plenty of water. In a few weeks, new foliage will appear. Black bamboo will look great in part sun and spots protected from the sun. As Nigra is a running bamboo, it can be planted in big pots or long planter pots. Nigra can also be planted in high raised garden beds to create a beautiful grove. If you want to grow in a garden, then it may be best to use a root barrier that is approximately knee-high in the ground. The more you cut this bamboo back, the thicker the leaves become.  Black bamboo has a small leaf.

Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 40cm
Frost tolerant bamboo from Bamboo Creations Victoria
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 Care instructions:

  • Black bamboo is a relatively rapid growing bamboo and can reach full height in about 2 to 3 years depending on conditions and the size of the purchased pot.
  • As this is a running type of bamboo, We highly recommend using a root barrier if planted in the ground.
  • Full sun to part shade or filtered light
  • Water well and keep moist when planting until well established
  • Keep well mulched
  • Loves a drink including a good rainfall
  • Will tolerate wet area for short periods.
  • Black bamboo adapts well to a  good pruned to any height.
  • It is suited for pots and planters.
  • Suited as a grove in more significant properties
  • Fertilise regularly to promote vigorous growth and more vibrant leaves.


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