Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek

Candy Cane Bamboo

Botanical Name: Himalayacalamus falconeri damarapa
Description: Candy Cane is native to the Himalayas. This bamboo is one of our rarest bamboos. The colours of the culms are what give this spectacular bamboo its name. Masses of leaves grow on long slender, arching branches. Pleaching is removing some of the leaves to reveal the canes underneath. If you pleach the lower canes of this bamboo, you get to enjoy the lovely green foliage of the upper part and all the colours of the lower canes (the best of both worlds). It grows best within a cooler climate but likes a little sun, bringing on the colours.
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Frost tolerant bamboo from Bamboo Creations Victoria
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Candy Cane Bamboo Gallery

Care instructions:

  • Candy Cane bamboo is a slower growing bamboo and can reach full height in about three years depending on conditions and the size of the purchased pot.
  • The morning sun is best for this type of bamboo.
  • Water well and keep moist when planting until well established.
  • Keep well mulched.
  • Loves a drink including a good rainfall
  • Fairly drought and cold tolerant once established.
  • It can be pruned to any height and pleached (remove the lower leaves).
  • It is suited for pots and planters.
  • Fertilise regularly to promote vigorous growth and more vibrant leaves.


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