Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek

Punting Pole Bamboo

Botanical Name: Bambusa pervariabilis

Description: Punting pole bamboo is Native to Southern China, Commonly known as, all green form of pervariabilis. Has the same dense clump pattern, branching, and leaf size as the yellow-culmed as the Pervariabilis Viridistriata yellow striated. The colours of this bamboo change with age. They first start out as beautiful green culms marked with cream stripes on the nodes. They then turn a golden colour over time. The shoots have a purple tinge with light green stripes. This bamboo has thick walled culms and are often used for farm tool handles in China. Due to their strength, the poles can also be used for fishing rods, light pole structures and barge poles (just to name a few uses).

Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
Bamboo of all types from Bamboo Creations Victoria
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Frost tolerant bamboo from Bamboo Creations Victoria
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Punting Pole Gallery

  • Bambusa Pervariabilis can reach its full height in about 2 -3 years depending on conditions and depending on the size of pot that was purchased.   
  • Water well and keep moist when planting until well established.
  • Needs well drained soil.
  • Fair drought tolerant once established.
  • Fertilise on a regular basis to promote vigorous growth and more vibrant leaves.
  • Not suitable for small areas due to its clump size (although the clump size can be controlled using a root barrier).
  • Not suited to Small pots or Small planter boxes.


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