Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
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Bamboo in stock all year - over 45 species in various pot sizes.

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Eco-friendly, quality bamboo clothing, We all deserve comfort!

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Riddells Creek
Your Visit to Riddells Creek

An enjoyable day trip to visit our nursery in this historic hamlet.

QBA 2023 Winner

Welcome to the Largest Bamboo Collection in
Melbourne, Victoria!

Bamboo Creations is the largest bamboo nursery in Victoria.
We offer over 45 species from 14cm to 50cm pots.
Common Bamboo is in stock all year round, and we offer many pot sizes to suit our customer’s budgets.
Ornamental bamboo and Running bamboo is generally in stock all year round.
Rare species are on pre-order ground stock only.
We offer great discounts for large orders.

Bamboo Creations Business Hours

Our opening hours change from time to time and, this is due to the many Expo and Markets we attend every year
It is a good idea to check our opening hours before you visit, so you can enjoy help from one of our renowned bamboo experts.

Please call us on 1300 654 454 so our professional staff are available for your visit.
Monday to Friday, 9AM to 5PM
Saturday 10AM to 4PM
Sunday 10AM to 4PM

Bamboo Creations Victoria...

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...has, for many years trialled and tested numerous varieties of bamboo and, we're still trialling more to find the one's that best suit Melbourne’s climate.

With over 1,000 species of Bamboo, not all is ideal for Melbourne’s weather.

There are over 40 varieties planted at our Bamboo Creations farm, and our friendly, professional staff will help you choose the right Bamboo for your needs.

We are Melbourne and Victoria’s most comprehensive Bamboo Nursery, providing quality Bamboo plants for commercial landscapers or home gardeners.
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A little bit more about us

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We are a specialised Bamboo Nursery located in Riddells Creek, Victoria, only 65 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD.

We propagate most of our Bamboo on-site from good quality mother stock, ensuring healthy, hardy, vigorous plants.

The Bamboo species we have selected are the most stunning, versatile and valuable varieties for any garden, patio, courtyard or farm.

We are specialists in the many types of Bamboo and stock a superb range of Bamboo products.
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Market & Expo Dates/Locations

Market and Expo locations
Bamboo Creations Victoria attends many garden Events and markets all year round.

Check our Markets & Expos page to determine when we’ll be at a location convenient for you to visit.

Our Market Calendar is updated regularly, so please check back often and, don't forget to SUBSCRIBE to our newsletter.
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How To Order

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Our hours do change from time to time due to Deliveries or Events, so we encourage you to either give us a call to let us know you're planning a visit, or check our web page for updates.

The quickest way to get a quote is by phone.

We are all stocked up with many pot sizes to suit your budget.

Bamboo Creations Victoria supplies high quality bamboo at affordable prices!

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Your Riddells Creek Visit

Market and Expo locations
Riddells Creek is an idyllic country village nestled at the foot of the beautiful Macedon Ranges.

Only a "stone's throw" from Melbourne (about 65km), it's an easy drive for a day trip to visit our nursery. While you're out this way buying the ideal bamboo for your garden, take some time to explore the surrounding countryside and townships - there's a lot to discover!
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Bamboo Creations Nursery has been supplying bamboo to Landscapers and customers for over 17 Years. We are a family-owned business that has been propagating many species to suit Victoria’s Climate.
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Welcome to Bamboo Creations’ new website and Online Shop. Here you’ll find we have several bamboos we can have posted to you by Australia Post.

Do you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful green living plant than an everyday fence?

We also have many bamboo products you can purchase from our Online Shop.

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