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Specifications of our Bamboo

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Bamboo plants can increase in size, growing very quickly, and are highly resilient in most conditions.

Use it as a screen, windbreak or just as an ornament to make your garden look stunning.

This page offers specifications of each of our bamboo varieties.

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Bamboo Types

All information is intended as a guide only.
Bamboo will tolerate all soil types but may take longer to establish in very heavy clay.
When planting bamboo, do not disturb the root ball and do not plant more profoundly than potted.
Treat a new bamboo as you would any other new plant until established. Once it is established, it will be highly water-wise and almost self-sufficient.
Not all large varieties can be grown in pots; pots or planners will restrict their overall height and possibly the size of the culms (Canes). If you do not have the space to put them in the ground, or you have a balcony and planters are your only option.
Refer to the individual specifications below. There you will see which bamboo varieties will do well in pots and planners.
If you have the space but do not want the height, bamboo can be pruned to any height and will not reshoot from the cut. This is a once-a-year job as clumping varieties shoot from mid to late summer and as late as Autumn.
In some cases, some clumping bamboo varieties are still shooting new culms in winter in Melbourne.
Spreading types shoot from mid to late spring to early summer.
Running bamboo spends the rest of the year building up energy and rhizomes to release it all the following season.

The "King of Bamboos"

Line drawing of a leaf
Native to China, Gracilis /Slender Weavers Bamboo is the undisputed bamboo king of all bamboos. Gracilis is one of our most popular varieties. It is very similar to Bambusa textilis var. It has a thinner and more slender cane profile with small evergreen leaves. Gracilis is a clumping bamboo with a very tight upright clump habit. Due to its size, it is perfect for screening out neighbouring buildings or other undesirable views.
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Filter by habit

Filter by habit
  • Clumping (29)
  • Spreading/Running (10)
  • Ground Cover (5)

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Filter by max. height (in metres)

Filter by max. height (in metres)
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  • 3-5
  • 4m
  • 4
  • 4-5m
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  • 5m
  • 6
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Filter by culm diameter (cm)

Filter by culm diameter (cm)
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  • 4cm (1)
  • (4)
  • (4)
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  • 10 (1)
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  • 30 (1)

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Filter by min. temp. (° C)
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  • -9
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  • -7
  • -6
  • -5
  • -4
  • 0

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Best Screening?

Best Screening?
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  • Yes (19)
  • No (25)

Edible Shoots?

Edible Shoots?
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  • Yes (9)
  • No (35)

Pots or Planters?

Pots or Planters?
  • All
  • Yes (28)
  • No (16)


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  • Yes (16)
  • No (28)

Filter by sunlight

Filter by sunlight
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