Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek
Bamboo Creations Nursery, Riddells Creek

Drepanostachyum Khasianum (Khasia bamboo)

Drepanostachyum Khasianum (Khasia bamboo)

Khasia is a clumping type of bamboo with spectacular white and purple rings around the internodes. This bamboo likes certain climates. It will tolerate full sun if moist and mulched or planted in a colder climate. Is not very frost hardy. If in doubt as to where to plant this bamboo, please give us a call on 1300 654 454 and have a chat to one of our bamboo specialists.

Khasia has a clump size of about 1 metre. This can form a beautiful lime green screen to a height of about 4 metres. To form a screen you need to plant each bamboo plant about 1 metre apart. This also does quite nicely in pots as a specimen plant either indoor or outdoor. Once again if you need any information or advice on where to use this beautiful plant then give us a call or send us an email.

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