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Planting bamboo through 4 amazing seasons

Planting bamboo through 4 amazing seasons

Planting bamboo can be performed in any season. Here is a brief discussion of each of the seasons.

Planting bamboo through the seasons

Planting Bamboo in Winter

A popular question we get here at Bamboo Creations is “can bamboo be planted in Winter” and, the answer is “Yes”. Bamboo loves water, so if you are planting bamboo in winter then it has time to develop a strong root system. 

Don’t really expect too much growth during winter, but it your bamboo, no matter which variety you have chosen from our extensive range, is getting ready for the warmer months.  However, this is not necessarily the rule. Some bamboo has been known to grow during winter in some suburbs, but you need to make sure you know the characteristics of your chosen bamboo.

Planting Bamboo in Spring

Planting bamboo in Spring is great for everyone, including the plant!!. The weather is getting warmer and it is a great time to be outside enjoying your garden and all it has to offer. Don’t forget that bamboo loves water, so now is a good time to feed and mulch your plants.

Planting Bamboo in Summer

Planting bamboo prior to summer, you need to ensure it has a strong root system. This is the time Bamboo will thrive and create new shoots. Keep up your watering and you will be rewarded with new culms on your plants. In Melbourne, culms generally appear in Spring and Summer. If planting in Summer, you need to make certain you keep an eye on your new plant/s as it/they will most likely need watering on a regular basis.

Planting Bamboo in Autumn

Planting bamboo in Autumn is a great idea. Why? The ground will still be warm from summer’s glorious sunshine and higher temperatures and, new shoots will emerge. If you are planting in Autumn, be sure to keep your bamboo moist and mulched.

Planting Bamboo – a summary

Most bamboo will tolerate Victoria’s frosty winters. If you live in a particularly frosty area and you have chosen a more vulnerable bamboo (like Ghost bamboo) then there are products on the market that may help. AgroBest has a product called Envy.  This product forms a semi permeable, biodegradable film which protect plants from climate extremes.

While planting bamboo in the warmer months generally produces the best results, bamboo will not die off during the colder months. On the contrary, this is the time that your bamboo plants will be working hardest where you can’t actually see what’s going on – they’re building a strong structure under the ground.

Take advantage of Bamboo Creations winter sales

Here at Bamboo Creations we will often have sales during the winter months, so this is a great time to pick up a potential bargain, as we generally do not discount our plant range at other times. If you purchase one of our plants during winter but find it too cold to be outside, then your precious new plant can stay in its pot temporarily, until you find that perfect day for planting bamboo. 

Don’t forget – here at Bamboo Creations Nursery Victoria, we have over 17 years of expertise and experience in experimenting, propagating and raising all types of Bamboo.

We would love the opportunity to share with you some of our extensive and invaluable knowledge, whether that be for choosing the perfect bamboo plant/s for your garden, your hedge, your screen, or simply to purchase some handpicked fertiliser to help your bamboo find its full potential. Feel free to give us a call, come to our nursery or meet us at one of our markets or expos.

Happy planting.

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2 years ago

I have been searching Victoria for a Bamboo supplier who will deliver as I am restricted to a 5 km limit due to Covit lockdown.Thankfully I found Bamboo Creations and they have been very quick to respond and are extremily helpful. They were out of stock of the item I wanted but put me onto a waiting list and will deliver as soon as stock arrives. I would recommend this supplier to everyone as I am very satisfied with my order.Kevin


Welcome to Bamboo Creations’ new website and Online Shop. Here you’ll find we have several bamboos we can have posted to you by Australia Post.

Do you know Bamboo is the fastest growing plant in the world? Wouldn’t you rather look at a beautiful green living plant than an everyday fence?

We also have many bamboo products you can purchase from our Online Shop.

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