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Dwarf Whitestripe Bamboo

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Dwarf Whitestripe Bamboo, which has its origins in southern Japan, is a colourful ground cover bamboo with bright green and white leaf variegation. This bamboo is very dense and tough and it can be trimmed to any shape, doing well in full sun, but the leaves will remain brightly variegated throughout the summer if they are provided with afternoon shade.

Dwarf Whitestripe bamboo is a ground cover spreading type of bamboo that behaves in a similar manner to running bamboo, but is not as invasive.

Root barriers are recommended to control where this bamboo grows, however, we have held Dwarf Whitestripe with only one sleeper, and it has not escaped our walkway.

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Dwarf Whitestripe is a lovely and hardy ground cover that will beautify any landscape or garden, with crisp green and white variegated leaves that grow up to 40 centimeters tall. Some Dwarf Whitestripe can grow to be around 70cm tall, and when trimmed properly, it will flush back thicker and younger. To get the greatest effects in the quickest amount of time, bamboo ground covers should be placed out in a grid-like pattern. Planting should be spaced at 50 cm intervals for better results.



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