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Albo Striata Bamboo

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Albo Striata Bamboo is an excellent upright, bamboo of the clumping variety. It’s great for privacy screens or as a feature plant in your garden. This is one of our top 5 living bamboo, with dark green with white striping on the lower culms and, edible shoots.

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What is Albo Striata?

Albo Striata bamboo is a bamboo species native to China, and is an excellent upright, tight, clumping bamboo. The clump though, is more open when compared with the bamboo type known as Gracilis.

What are the characteristics of Albo Striata?

If you like Bambusa textilis Gracilis, then Albo Striata bamboo is similar, but more affordable. Albo Striata has a bigger culm than gracilis bamboo, and can also grow a little taller. There are many other beautiful features and uses of Albo Striata – it is great for privacy screens or, can be used as a feature plant in your garden.

Why do we like Albo Striata?

This bamboo is one of our top 5 and, is dark green with white striping on the lower culms. As an added bonus, it has edible shoots.

We call Albo Striata the Mother of Goldstripe Bamboo, but they are two different bamboos.

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